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cheer shoe coversShoe covers are used to keep both shoes and floor surfaces dirt free. They cover the entire shoe and defend the shoe from things such as dust, water, mud and dirt. Shoe Covers for shoes work as a great solution to the problems some industries face but do not know how to resolve. For example, shoe covers are perfect for realtors, brokers and real estate agents who are showing clients around a property. Keep the floors spotless for your next showing! 

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Simply wear the shoe covers over your shoes! No need to remove your shoes ever again! Our washablereusable shoe covers can be purchased for an affordable price, in comparison to disposable shoe covers that add up in price over time! There are many places online that sell shoe covers, but we sell the #1 rated shoe covers on Amazon… so act fast and buy the BEST shoe covers today! We are known for our top quality shoe covers and 5-star Amazon reviews.  It could be the solution you’ve long been waiting for. Our shoe covers are the best way to protect the spread of bacteria, dirt and debris!

These shoe covers can also be used to protect your investment in shoes (such as PRICEY cheerleading shoes). Our shoe covers can be used in many areas and for different purposes like bowling shoe covers, cheer shoe covers, shoe covers for rain, medical shoe booties, etc. All our shoe covers are made from world class material. They form the best fitting, stretchable, protective shoe covers made out of durable polyblend, neoprene fabric with a thick, grippy, rubber-based sole and an elastic band top! Other shoe covers are made of the thin and flimsy material causing to easily tear. Here at SHOE COVERS CO the shoe cover you get will not only keep your shoes clean, but also give you protection your shoes need so that they don’t get damaged.

Why use Shoe Covers?

shoe coversThere are a variety of reasons to use shoe covers. One main reason is to prevent potential contaminants from being brought inside a clean room, environment, etc. For example, a contractor must enter a clean home to fix a sink. That worker doesn’t have the time to change into another pair of shoes before entering the home. It is easier for that contractor to simply pull on our reusable shoe covers that he or she can store in their vehicle! 

Reusable shoe coversShoe Covers We Provide

  • Reusable shoe covers
  • Cycling shoe covers
  • Shoe covers for rain
  • Non-slip shoe covers
  • Snow shoe covers
  • Cheer shoe covers
  • Bowling shoe covers

Reusable shoe coversThe TOP-RATED Reusable Shoe Covers Online

Reusable shoe covers are not just for the raving environmentalist looking to “Go Green” (which is an amazing reason in itself for choosing reusable shoe covers)… But hospital workers, contractors, realtors, maids, factory workers (the list goes on and on) alike are realizing the benefits of using durable reusable shoe covers.

Our products fit everything from work boots to sneakers to running shoes to heels and more!  They are lightweight, durable, and machine washable. In most jobs, safety is a must. We also give priority to safety standards. With a shoe cover, the non-slip grip sole will ensure safety from slips and falls on a workplace. By wearing reusable shoe covers you show your customers or your employer that you care and respect their property. 

Things to Consider While Buying Shoe Covers Online

Shopping for shoe covers is a great idea. Shopping for a high quality shoe cover can also be the greatest pain if you are unable to find shoe covers that fit your requirements. Now more than ever people are shopping online, even for shoe covers. It might seem scary but by using the following tips, your online shoe covers shopping experience can be both simple and enjoyable. Before buying shoe covers, see our checklist below:

  1. Know Your Shoe Size – Finding the perfect fit for shoe covers is a common problem. Before buying online, make sure you have had your shoes measured correctly. Once you know your ideal size, consider other these questions as well: For what purpose do you want to buy shoe covers… for bowling, cycling, medical purposes etc? What is your job?
  2. Different Brands & Styles – Most people are familiar with which brands and styles they prefer. If you’ve bought a pair of shoe covers and you are not going to be keen on buying that brand again… do a little online research at our website. Read all our blog post reviews and tips!
  3. Check Return and Exchange Policy – Did you ever buy a pair of shoes and faced a problem with fitting, size etc.?? Check what that seller’s return policy is. Returns are a pain that we don’t want to face. Check all information regarding refunds of your payments or exchanges only, and which party covers shipping costs, etc.
  4. Check Shipping Times and Rates – One of the biggest cautions of online shopping is the cost of shipping. On auction sites, there is always a section under each listing titled “Shipping Details”. 
  5. Communicate with the Seller – Before buying shoe covers, be aware of what you’re receiving. Read every word of the description! We try to be as descriptive as possible. However, if you have any doubt, message us and get complete information.

Stay Safe! Get the Best Shoe Covers!

Best Shoe CoversHave you ever thought what is on the base of your shoes?  Gum, mud, oil, leaves, grease etc., PLUS numerous things you cannot see, like bacteria, germs, viruses, and mold.  All of these things walk with us in all the places we go, from the house to the car to the parking lot to the market to the building to the bathroom to the dining area and back and forth!  How many other places do we go, like public parks, gas stations, etc. etc. picking up things on our shoes all along the way and transporting them where they are unwelcome? As a result, many companies and industries require the use of shoe covers to maintain hygienic or germ-free conditions, prevent contamination, limit the spread of infections, fulfill health codes, etc. So for all above conditions, choosing the right shoe covers is NECESSARY in today’s world! Here are some tips you should know about our shoe covers:

  • Grip and Slip Resistance: The best way to prevent slips and falls is to make sure that your shoe covers are well fitted, and provides as much traction and slip resistance as possible. Look for a substrate material with a high co-efficient of friction. We will give you the best according to your requirements of fitting.
  • Design and Comfort: The wrong design can actually increase the risk of injury. So while buying shoe covers check design and comfort standards/descriptions offered by us to make your shoe cover is ideal for you.
  • Quality: Always choose the best quality product. We offer reusable shoe covers for this reason!
  • Affordable prices: We offer all our products at affordable prices with ZERO compromise on quality! We always give our best to provide high quality products with required safety standards.

    Check out our list of products and contact us with any shoe covers questions!

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