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Shoe Covers Booties? Top Uses for Shoe Covers

Shoe cover booties have typically been used in the contracting industry to ensure that contractors keep their insurance by maintaining their safety boots on at all times on a job site. In addition, wearing a boot cover over the safety boot will undoubtedly protect a customer’s home from debris and dirt.  Wearing booties over safety boots is one of the ways to keep your customers happy.

Why Use Shoe Covers Booties?

Shoe cover booties are such a practical product for contractors because they easily slip over a safety boot, these are reusable, washable, and offer a non-slip grip that protects a contractor from falling. Shoe Cover Booties help protect shoes and flooring. The most popular type of shoe cover booties is disposable booties. These are for single use and should be disposed of after one use. These are frequently made from light materials like plastic sheeting. These disposable booties are used in a number of industries including: hospitals, bakeries, property viewings, decorating and crime scenes. They are an effective way to maintain hygiene standards in the food industry and to prevent the spread of germs in a hospital. These shoe cover booties are used in medical profession to maintain safety.  In medical settings, spills can occur unexpectedly. To prevent unsightly stains or unsanitary conditions, hospital booties shoe covers can play an essential role.

Disposable medical booties are made up of tear and puncture resistant rubber and have elastic at the ankles for a comfortable fit. They provide good protection and keep out dirt and dust. These protective covers are excellent for work in dirty areas.

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Medical booties

These are best grade disposable medical shoe covers so you can use them for just about any purpose that you wish. Many applications for these shoe covers such as to protect floors, carpet protection, the infant room at the medical center or the infant room at the hospital. These disposable shoe cover booties are also normally used by realtors at the open house, or for estate sales, and also by construction worker and plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, etc. etc. You would use these blue booties to cover shoes before you go into an infant room.


  • Neatly stitched
  • Comfortable fitting
  • Elegant colors
  • Comfortable, protective shoe covers are made of breathable material
  • Spun bond polypropylene adds comfort and protection.
  • Extra full-cut allows covers to be put on and removed easily.
  • Skid-resistant.

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