Cheer Shoe Covers

Cheer Shoe Covers

Cheer shoe covers are a unique way to keep cheerleader shoes looking great and BRIGHT WHITE all the time. You know the judges are looking at this, right? As you know, the most commonly used cheer shoes are very light weight and their soles are just not made for street wear. Wearing cheer shoe covers is a good idea for a protective covering for cheer shoes. It is a MUST to keep them white, keep the soles in good shape and keep them free from street garbage, gum, etc. These shoe covers are made from thick poly/neoprene material which stretches over ANY cheerleading shoe. The sole is made of a tough vinyl that stands up to many different surface types! PLUS they are washing machine safe and reuable.

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Why wear Cheer Shoe Covers?

Wearing cheer shoe cover has many benefits. There are many reasons to wear cheer shoe covers which are as following:

  • Keeps shoes clean for competitions.
  • Folds up small to put in competition bags (no more bulky extra pair of shoes!)
  • Can be washed if necessary.
  • Thick, durable outer sole great on outdoor surfaces.
  • It saves busy mother’s time when running kids to practice (AND so many more tasks!)


How to Keep Your Cheer Shoes Covers Clean

White shoes are hard to keep clean. Cheer shoes that are worn on football fields, gym floors etc can be even more difficult to keep shiny and bright white, especially if you have to transport them from gyms to games to competitions. While it is impossible to keep your cheer shoes completely white, there are a few ways you can keep your shoes looking as clean as the first day you wore them. Here are a few cleaning tips:

    1. Go synthetic – Cheer shoes with synthetic upper are easiest to clean. If you buy leather shoes or have a mesh top, they can be a little more difficult to clean.
    2. Walk carefully – Wear your cheer shoes during performances and practice only. Do not wear your cheer shoes outside, unless you’re cheering at a game.
    3. Be careful with the washing machine – You can use a washing machine for many styles and brands of cheer shoes. Some may specifically advise against washing them by machine, check the shoe box for any warnings.
    4. Clean with an old toothbrush – A toothbrush makes a great cleaning tool for cheer shoes. One way to clean your shoes is to lightly dip the bristles of the toothbrush in bleach. Then, lightly scrub away any spots.
    5. Use the SUN and Baking soda?!? WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW:


The importance of a well-fitting Cheer Shoe Cover

The popularity of cheerleading has attracted shoe cover manufacturers to create shoe covers that are designed specifically to meet the exact demands of cheerleaders, whether on the all-star competition floor or on the sideline.

  1. Fit Is Most Important – Cheer shoe covers that fit properly will help to avoid injuries. Shoe covers that are too loose may cause tripping.
  2. Comfort is Key – Buying a high-quality cheer shoe cover is equally important as to selecting a shoe that is comfortable to wear. Ill-fitting shoe covers like shoe covers that are too heavy, too loose, lacking additional control and stability or simply uncomfortable… can be a cause for injury.
  3. Durability- Cheer shoe covers must have the ability to withstand wear, pressure or damage. We advise Reusable shoe covers for this reason.

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